Emulating the Prophet ﷺ

  In all these factors, we find our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s), peace be upon him, foremost in them. Who could be more physically attractive than the one who is more attractive than even Prophet Yusuf? Whose character could be more perfect than the one who is “above sublime character” (Quran 68:4)? And who was “sent to perfect good character”? Prophet Muhammad’s overwhelming sacrifice for us is certainly insurmountable.

How are we able to emulate the lofty characteristics of a Prophet that was praised by Allah Himself? Prophet Muhammad (s) commended to have mercy on animals, and forbade his companions from hurting them, tiring them, overburdening them with heavy loads for long periods, torturing them, or pushing them beyond their limits, for that is a form of suffering. Prophet Muhammad (s) also forbade burdening an animal by keeping it standing or sitting on it for a long time unnecessarily. He saw some people sitting on animals so he commented, “Keep them safe and sound when riding them and when leaving them, don’t use them as chairs for your side talks in the streets and markets. A ridden animal might be better than its rider and might remember and mention God more than its rider does.”

For those and many other unambiguous reasons, Prophet Muhammad (s) is the best of Allah’s creation, the perfect human being, and the Jewel of Creation (s). The station and rank of Prophet Muhammad (s) is clearly expounded by Allah:

Truly, Allah and His angels send praise and blessings [forever] upon the Prophet. O ye who believe! Praise and bless the Prophet with utmost laud and blessing. (Al-Qur’an, 33:56)