Inteam (Malaysia)

Inteam (formerly known as In-Team) was established in 1998 by four talented students who had just set foot at the UIA Matriculation Center, Malaysia. Among the earliest members of the In-Team at that time were Syah, Hazamin, Izzat Mirwana and Kamarulzaman also known as KZ. At that time, the nasheed industry was among the popular ones and gained a place in the hearts of fans with the emergence of several famous nasheed groups such as Hijjaz, Raihan, Rabbani, Brothers, and others. This ignited their spirit to become nasheed artists like their predecessors, which is now known as Inteam. Upon their establishment, this group has a slew of nasheed songs in Malay, English and Arabic. Inteam was introduced through the song ‘Kasih Kekasih’ around the year 2000 under the management of Hijjaz Records. This group is also of the same prestige as UNIC, Aeman and Mestica, well-known nasheed bands in Malaysia.