Lah Ahmad (Malaysia)

Abdullah bin Ahmad (known as Lah Ahmad) was born on March 9th, 1980. He is a popular Malaysian singer, actor and songwriter and a former member of the group VE. Some of his recent albums are ‘Selamat Datang Cinta’ produced in 2020 and ‘Sempurna & Terbaik’ in 2016. He then along with some of his friends joined Al-Mawleed, a nasheed band consisting of several former famous urban groups at that time, namely Ruffedge, Innuendo and Lah Ahmad himself from VE. Some of the famous albums produced by Al-Mawleed include ‘Mahalul Qiyam’, ‘Cahaya Seluruh Alam’ and ‘Tholama’. Lah Ahmad is married and has three beautiful children; two sons and a daughter. He also draws and plays the guitar during his leisure time.