Noor Yusuf

Noor Yusuf

Noor Yusuf is a poet, author and advanced student of the sacred knowledge. She was born in South Africa and raised in the United Kingdom. She was initiated in the Chishti Habibi Order under Hazrat Ghulam Muhyi al-Din Kazi (RA), and her deep attachment to traditional Islamic spirituality informs the majority of her works. 

She was homeschooled since the age of 10, and has recently completed a degree in Linguistics at the University of Birmingham. 

She continues to pursue traditional studies of Islamic law, theology, metaphysics and spirituality under the tutelage of her father Shaykh Dr Asim Yusuf and has also studied various Islamic disciplines with Shaykh Nasir Rashid, Shaykh Shammas Tabrez and Shaykh Sjaad Hussain. 

After a decade of study, she has been authorised to transmit the six canonical hadith works and other classical texts, after having read them in full via elevated chains from some of the most senior hadith narrators and scholars of the recent past. 

At the age of 15, she authored The Soliloquy of the Full Moon, an original work on the nativity of the Prophet Muhammad. A thousand line narrative epic of fully metered English poetry, creating a work that is entirely unique and a definitive contribution to Western Muslim culture. She will soon be releasing the much anticipated Through the Blue Gate, the sequel to Beyond the Forest. These are the first two instalments of Adventures with the Awliya, a children’s adventure series.