Pearls of Islam are a highly acclaimed acoustic duo, who create sweet, organic and soulful melodies through the use of their instruments; Djembe, Darbouka, Guitar and of course their voice. They are well versed in traditional Arabic Qasaaid (song) which they combine and transform with their own soulfully written songs in English. They are first generation Caribbean Muslims who were brought up on Jamaican folk music and Guyanese soca and soul music, so an influence of many cultures can be found in their words and style.

Their music has been described by many listeners as music from the heart to the heart. Their focus on universal spirituality and music as a means of healing for both the mind and soul can be seen and reflected in their songs. They believe that music and creativity can be used as a vehicle of dhikr (remembrance) which can bring you closer to the Divine. This belief has stemmed from the influence and teachings of their teacher; Shaykh Muhammed Nazim who has been an essential instrument in directing and inspiring their work. It is the want and yearning of the Love of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Allah (swt) that pushes them and allows them to grow.

The Pearls are one of the pioneers amongst the Muslim Female Artists scene and have opened up the doors and encouraged other women to seek forms and outlets of creativity and spirituality. They have taken their message of love and spirituality throughout Europe and beyond including countries such as Spain, Germany, Cyprus, Holland, Switzerland, Norway and Guyana. Whether it be a small intimate crowd of 10 or a crowd of 10,000 the Pearls believe that every moment and every performance is a means of connection and love.

Their music has inspired and transcended the stage and grown out into community projects in which they are very active in trying to serve and give back to the community. In 2012 they set up the collective ‘The Rabbani Project’ which hosts and fuses together events and workshops surrounding Creativity and Spirituality. The following year saw them set up their drumming school called Tumaadir Drumming which was named after a female companion and poet of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The ladies are passionate environmentalist lovers; spiritual warriors, Afro-conscious Muslims, community givers who believe that music/creativity is much more than just sound. It is through this understanding that they pray they can continue spreading love and joy through their music.


Album – Love is My Foundation

The album is an offering, a gift from the past 10 years of our journey.  Every note sung, every chord strummed and beat drummed is a stone in the foundation of building our relationship with the Divine. It was in these years of performing across the globe and attempting this recording journey we realised that we had sought perfection in our sound, in our melodies, our harmonies believing that anything less would dishonour the message of heavenly love. This year we learnt that the imperfections were a perfect reflection of us as individuals. So know that the sound that has been birthed reflects seeking hearts, loving hearts, yearning hearts but not perfect hearts.  This is an album that unashamedly speaks from that imperfect heart which dances between the beauty and the pain of Love. So these tracks are for you whether you are filled to the brim with Love or in search of the stillness and comfort of love. Inshallah we pray that this album will build a foundation of Love for us all… one song at a time.