Texting Ladies

How contemporary Booty name falls

Most of us have had gotten that pal exactly who can not place their phone down on bar. The guy who’s got eight text talks with ladies going on immediately. You’re attempting to pick up new chicks, and heis just wanting to nail along the ones he’s already got. You are not impressed. He’s becoming a sh*tty wingman. But you’ll give it to him — the text-message-to-beddirty chat room strategy sometimes operates. Sometimes it does not. Sometimes you get closed. And sometimes your ex you’re talking to takes it in a completely different direction. Nonetheless it requires much less undertaking than attempting to collect at the bar.

We are selecting some actual text-message exchanges that skate around a relationship or sex issue. Those you have got at 2 a.m. that begin with, “Hey :)” and in some way finish garnering an answer from the lady on the other side — whether good or adverse.

Below are a few instances from… ahem… some dudes we know.