Ustadh Rifat Aby Syahid (Indonesia)

Ustadh Rif’at Abi Syahid was born in Bandung on June 23, 1973. He comes from a religious family and is the younger brother of KH. Cecep Abdullah Shahid. They are both caregivers of the Al-Quran Al-Falah Islamic Boarding School in Cicalengka, Bandung Regency, which was founded by his parents.

Ustadh Rif’at was educated at the Al-Quran Al-Falah Islamic Boarding School and the the al-Ma’muniyah Islamic boarding school, before completing his university education at UNIPDU Jombang.

From a young age, Ustadh Rif’at was a master of recitations, and often participated in “market” recitations in various Islamic boarding schools, including Islamic boarding schools. in Purwakarta in Abah Adang.

As he grew older, he participated in several Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran (MTQ) events. MTQ events glorified the Qur’an with participants reciting the Qur’an whilst employing qira’at (a specific methodology for Qur’anic recitation).

In 1986, Ustadh Rif’at was ranked first in the youth recitation group in Bandung Regency. In 1997, he was ranked first in the same group at the West Java level, and in 2000 he was ranked second in the adult recitation group at the West Java level in Pandenglang.

Ustadh Rif’at continued his involvement in this field in adulthood. He has been active as the coach of the tiawah branch in Bandung Regency since 2004. His expertise in this field led him to regular invitations by many other cities and regencies to coach participants from various regions. He also has the experience of being a judge or jury for MTQ starts from the Board of Judges at the Bandung Regency level and West Java level. He has also judged several high-profile events on various private TV stations, including; MNC TV on the Semesta Bertasbih program and on RTV on the Qari Indonesia program.

Ustadh Rif’at continues to teach at the al-Falah Islamic Boarding School. He specialises in teaching recitations and qiraat to his students using the talaqqy and bandungan methods.

The big theme that he conveys to his students is in being grateful and continuing to respect oneself for the grace of God’s good voice. Santri’s (a person who follows Islamic religious education in Islamic boarding schools) must always be proud – that they are messengers of Allah with the gift of voice to the whole community.

Therefore, reading the Qur’an alone is not enough. It must be accompanied by the voice of the heart. Reading by mouth alone will only reach the ears and will be easily forgotten. But reading accompanied by a sincere heart will be engraved into the hearts of those who hear it and will continue to be remembered throughout their lives. Santri’s must be the ” string of the Koran “. It is not enough just to be a ” reciter of the Koran “. Because the ‘ string of the Koran” will increase the faith of those who read and hear it (Surah Al-Anfal: 2).

The life principle of Ustadh Rif’at is success with the Koran. Living with the Koran will never be a loss, it will never be difficult or even harmless. Commitment to the Koran will provide many benefits both in this world and in the hereafter. People whose whole life is used to serve the Qur’an will not be depleted of their reward, even though he has died (Surah Fathir: 29).

Ustadh Rif’at is married to Hj. Rika Puspita Iskandar, and blessed with children who are proficient in the field of recitations and tahfidz al-Quran. His first child, Muhamamd Qizqi Bahrain specializes in recitations of the Koran. His second child, Muhammad Hisham Dhiyaurrahman has memorized 16 juz of the Koran. His third child, Nadzira Nahwanda Naziha, has memorized 19 juz of the Koran and his fourth child, Erga Sheva Zanzabila Raitirakana, has memorized 5 juz of the Koran.