What Others Say…

Alhamdulillah, the different various performances was good. It was from different background yet it all came down to one objective and that is in remembrance of Rasulullah SAW.

Siti Nurulhuda Razali

It was an eye opener for me as this is my very first time attending such event. also, there was a wide variation of performances ranging from different age group. Thumbs up! I will definitely attend should there be another one next year. InsyaAllah! Performers are entertaining and interactive. They not only perform and gave their speeches, but they get audience’s attention by interacting and sharing. A very well planned and smooth event. hopefully, event could be made widely known so that more people will get to know about it and could attend. I got to know about the event via Almawlid’s (from malaysia) Facebook page. should I not read about it on Almawlid’s page, I wouldn’t know about the event. 🙂 Other than that, i enjoyed the event and i hope others too! Salam.

Hana Halim

During the entire event, me and my friends were enjoying ourselves without feeling tired or sleepy. My favourite moments were performances from Madrasah Aljunied Angklung Ensemble,the Qawali singer, dance item from Azkafa Saman, speech fom Shaykh Hisham Kabani and Spore Haqqani Ensemble. Of course, the best part was FINALE. I will definitely recommend to my friends because to me it was an Islamic concert with international brand of performers, opening our eyes and ears to different languages and cultures but to one’s heart that is love for the Prophet Muhamad SAW.

Jamaliah Mohammad

The best Mawlid Festival ever in my life. Hope to see this offen not yearly?

Jumadi Sukor

My favourite moments were the qaseedahs, and the different groups performing. Alhamdulillah, been awhile since i felt that atmosphere. Especially during ustaz Shafi’s appearance.

Nur Khalisah Mohd Esa

My favourite moments were the lecture by Shaykh Hisham, performance by Indonesian group, dervish whirling, singapore haqqani ensemble group, simply islam kids and the grand finale. Alot of insights and inspiration can be gained from some lectures and performance. I learned about other ways and cultures of celebrating the prophet.

Jumadi Sukor

Yes. We MUST learn the different expressions of Love for the Prophet (s) so that we can see the blessings of a diverse but united ummah. There was a good balance of high-energy and slow-paced performances. Hope to be able to see more unique and engaging Expressions of Love from different countries or groups. Would love for this to be a major yearly event that includes the jemaah of TM Fouzy, Fahrurrazi, etc. Let Singapore explode with Love!!

Nurhuda Md Khamis

Fantastic. Enjoying every moment from start till end. Even now when viewing the video, there is this a kind of feeling just not able to express. The performances by Ustaz Shafi & group, Madeehul Mustafa & of course our Haqqani Ensemble. Lectures by Shaykh Hisham was short but compact. He pointed out all the key/main points. Easy to ‘digest’. Very good. Salute to SimplyIslam Team & all participants. Maybe for next event it will be good to have Habib Syech Abdul Qodir, Hijjaz, Raihan. Can’t wait for the coming event.

Noorjahan Yar Ali Khan

As this was my first time attending a mawlid on such a big scale, I was rather overwhelmed by the number of guests and their performances. Alhamdulillah. It also opened me up to appreciate the diversity of qasidahs being sung by Muslims from other countries. For that, I am grateful. Though the lectures are shorter than the norm, personally for me, the content of it still striked home. All for the love of our Rasullullah s.a.w. Sollu ‘alan nabiyy! My favourite moment I must say was AlMawlid’s & the closing performance by the Haqqani Ensemble. Alhamdulillah it was a very heartwarming & enriching experience for me. I hope there’ll be more of such events in the future insya Allah.. amin!

Suriani Demon

It was one of the most memorable Mawlid Festival I’ve ever attended. My personal favourite was Ustaz Shafi’s. It was such a great, well organized event. I’m looking forward for more events like this.

Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Rahman

Dirvish Whirling and Poetry Saying. Both were excellent A+++. That Poetry should be published in the FB and website. (I wonder how many people didn’t understand it though.) Spiritually uplifting.

Anis Maricar

I feel blessed to have attended such events and to experience an amazing Mawlid. Amazing. Improves our Iman.

Feriz Syahfirin

Alhamdulillah watching on life stream from Australia, it was an awesome treat. My favourite moment was Qaafilah lead by Ustaz Omar and performance by Madihul Mustafa.

Ghazan Khan

The variety of performances and the lecture at the festival was entertaining and very insightful. My mum and I enjoyed the nasyids, the angklung performance and the cultural performances. My favorite moment was during the segment on salawat recitation led by Ustaz Shafi Anwar. Everyone in the auditorium joined along I believe everyone was emotionally and spiritually uplifted ever since the segment. Alhamdulillah, the whole event and the different programmes that happened were excellent, what with the variety of programmes which not only include different cultures but also depicts what a Maulid Festival truly is.

Nursyafiqah Awang

It was such an awesome event which i hope it can be carry out during countdown 2013. Can such event be held at stadium platform, marina bay?

Abdul Rashid

Alhamdulillah. Ustaz Nuzhan was a good presenter. I will recommend the event to other because of the remembrance of Allah and Prophet. Include more talks by Sheikh Hisyham..

Muhd Aidil

I would say the overall event was very good and emotional to many, esecially the Qasidas. The Qasidas by various groups, the Pakistani syair and the Angklung performance were great. I missed the whirling dervishes (which I so look forward to see) because it was too late. Sheikh Hisham time for speech was too short, he has to skipped often. I would definitely recommend my fellow Malaysian friends/family to attend this event next year, Insyaallah.

Razlin Abdul Razak

My favorite would be the Shaykh Hisham Kabbani lecture and performace by Madeehul Mustafa. I would recommend the event others as its good to spend time with family and friends and at the same time being near to Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW. It was one of the best Mawlid Festival.

Nurhaslina Ibrahim

It was enjoyable for me as I learnt many things especially during Shaykh Hisham’s speech. The performances were entertaining and uplifting. Madeehul Mustafa and the Azkafada saman dance were amazing mashaAllah. It is a good opportunity for people who don’t regularly attend mawlids, to be introduced to mawlids in this way and it appeals more to the younger generation who are generally more english-speaking.

Salwa Abdul Wahid

Alhamdulillah gain so much knowledge. My favourite moments were 1) ustaz shafie lectures/qasidah and 2) madeehul mustafa performance. You have to attend to feel the atmosphere.

Muhd Sulaiman

I felt so happy and I enjoyed really well all the performances especially when Sheikh Hisham gave his speech. My favourite moments are the moment where az-Zahra ensemble and al-Mawlid performed and when Sheikh Hisham gave his speech. I would recommend to others because people with different ages will tend to enjoy the festival as it contains performances that suits any age from children to the adult. It was really a good event. Well-coordinated and planned. I hope this Mawlid Festival will be held again.And I also hope Sheikh Afeefuddin and Ust Osama Canon can join too.

Bediuzzaman Abdul Jaleel

I feel that time given to the lecturer such as Shaikh Hisyam Kabani were too short. Should give him more time as he the Special Guest for the day. Even time given to Ustaz Shafi also were limited. I was so facinated by Ustaz Shafi and Madeehul Mustafa Performances. The Mawlid Festival event is just too awesome!

Faezah Samidi

It was a great performance and i wish to have this event next year. My favourite are the angklung by madrasah aljunied,ustaz shafi qasidah,madeehul mustafa. This event is so much fun and we will know more about our rasul and selawat more. Great event. Please have this event next year again.

Nur farzana Yahya

I cannot see any fault in the event but can only say it was well organised. All the performer put up their best performance in terms of spiritually and they were sincere in delivering their qasidah for the Prophet. The first MC Ustaz was very good and he kept the audience well informed with story related to Prophet life. All the best and look forward to another event. FYI, it took me 2 weeks to get over the events and I really could feel Rasuallah presence through out the event. I cannot express the feeling I felt during the whole but just want to say the feeling was good to have Rasulullah presence.

Hasanah Hardi

Really loved it. From the qasidahs to the hadrah and up till the lecture by sheikh hisham. My fave moments were the Talk by Sheikh Hisham, Ustaz Shafi, Madeehul.

Irwan Shah

I forgot that I was in Singapore. I think that sums it all. I am looking forward to the next event. Inshallah. Ameen. During the Mawlid,there was not a single down moment. I am very pleased to see that for a inaugural event, the show was managed smoothly and professionally. 100% yes. Its very rare to get meet such nobel and respected guests in one place.

Zakafar Raffik

Performances and lectures were spiritually uplifting. My favourite moments were the 2 lectures by Sheikh Hisham Kabbani and Ustaz Shafi. Also when the performers and some audience bowed to the Prophet saw in a circle during one item. I would strongly recommend it to teenagers and young Muslims due to the enjoyable and spiritual nature of the performances.

Saharah Abubakar

It was fantastic performances from all around the world. My favourite moment was the speech from Ustaz Shafi. The performance was fantastic.

Nurul Jannah

Very entertaining. Useful experience. My fave moment was Ustaz Shafie with anak2 Cinta Rasul

Afidah Abdul Rahman

I am very happy with the performance /lectures given during the Mawlid Festival 2012. I am impressed with SimplyIslam for the inviting the artist and Shaykh and celebrate the moments together. It was very meaningful to me as it was my 1st Mawlid Festival. My most favorite performances are the performance by Maheedul Mustafa and the Selawat brought by Ustaz Shafi. Not forgetting the wonder speech/lectures by Shaykh Hisyam Kabbani. I would definitely recommend this event to my families and my fellow brothers and sister.

Nur’Syafiqah Mohamed Tahir

Interesting. Eye-opener on d various ways we can express & show our love to our Prophet Muhammad SAW. Enjoyed every part of the selawat performances. My favorite moments were the performance by AlMawlid & Madeehul Mustafa. Selawat session by Ustaz Shafi & Ustaz Solihin. It is a must go for lovers of Rasulullah SAW. Yes we do have the normal maulid & selawat events every other months here, Alhamdulillah. But we don’t always get to be with speakers like Sheikh Hisham Kabbani whom we all respect & performances from other countries who have different ways of expressing their love to our Prophet Muhammad SAW. Two thumbs up! InsyaAllah looking forward to more of such events.

Susi Suhaily Amir